The Call Light Blog Is Now Hey Leux!

If we have learned nothing else from 2020, we’ve learned that change is inevitable. Whether we want to experience change or not, sometimes it is necessary for our life’s journey. The Call Light blog served as a wonderful introduction to the to the many ideas I had in mind to help upcoming and experienced nurses. However, I feel that with the many ups and downs faced this year both personally and professionally, it is necessary to highlight not only the clinical aspects of nursing from an objective POV, but to create a personal space of healing, abundance, and growth among one of the most important professions today.

Hey Leux is a play on my name (Lauren), but also on an object that can truly represent nursing. As we know, nurses fill many roles and give it our all when asked of us. Some might even say it’s a divine calling to help those in their most vulnerable time.

I hope to share tips on lifestyle and beauty, career development, as well as some inspirations and affirmations we can all use to help keep us going. Like a seed that has been planted in soil or a caterpillar who stores up in a cocoon, change might seem strange at first, but after a while the result can be so beautiful.

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

― Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God

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